Friday, June 25, 2010

Reverend Matt Ford

Siobhán commented on an earlier post about Reverend Matt Ford and provided further evidence that he is in fact a douchebag.

Here's his bio, where he explains how he was sucked up into heaven for 3 days.

And another "High on Jesus" video...


  1. Unfortunately for us DECENT atheist folk, he's probably an atheist.

  2. No, he is 100% Christian...

  3. Saw him last night here in Waipio and was very Disappointed!! My friends and I went to get down loaded with the Holy Spirit, and now realize we need to pray to the holy spirit to lead us to whatever evangelist/prophet event and not assume that what you read or are told about these supposely spiritual people is true!! The blessing we learned last night is the Lord allowed us to see with our eyes, we need seek his guidence and decernment!

  4. did this guy drink a bottle of scotch before his sermon?
    HOLY CRAP. literally

  5. I think he is hallucinating... I understand if he has turrets but his "people" shouldn't be falling all over the place. Its as if they all take some sort of pill before every sermon.It's like that pastor that brought over 3000 people to that place and raped all the women killed them everyone, children and all by convincing them that if they drank poison God would take them. And all of those people trusted him and loved him. This is really insane..

  6. Anonymous,I think you are probably referring to the Jonestown massacre...


  7. I'm pretty sure he has tourettes syndrome. So there's that.

  8. This nut is a piece of work, DEMONIC! Unfortunately he just proposed to the mother of my adopted son, Natasha, who has been tried & convicted of abusing him, then 10 weeks old, last night at one of his fired up sessions in Alabama!

  9. This guy is the biggest douchebag of all

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