Monday, June 14, 2010

Deacon Rapes And Impregnates Teen

New Hampshire: A woman now living in Arizona alleges she was raped twice 13 years ago by a prominent member of her church at the time, the fundamentalist Trinity Baptist Church in Concord.

Tina Anderson says the rapes resulted in her becoming pregnant when she was only 15. She also asserts church officials, led by its now former pastor, covered up the crime. Ernest Willis was 38 and a church deacon when, authorities now say, he raped Anderson. He's been arrested on sexual assault charges.

Anderson says when she came forward about the alleged rape and eventual pregnancy, church officials, led by now former pastor Chuck Phelps, blamed her. Anderson claims she was forced to stand in front of her congregation and apologize for getting pregnant, and write a letter asking Willis' wife for forgiveness.

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She was later sent off to Colorado where, she says, she was forced to give up the baby for adoption.


  1. So, let me get this straight this white trash “Ernest Willis” a church deacon in Concord, New Hampshire, at the time, rapes this child twice (15 years old, he was 38 at the time), gets her pregnant, he admits it is his child in front of the church, and this so called church (Trinity Baptist Church), and her parents, makes her stand up in front of this church congregation, as well, admit its her fault, because they believe its somehow her fault and to top it off her parents go to this same church to seek counsel on what to do with her and they both agree that she should be sent to another Baptist couple in Colorado, have the baby there and then force the child to put the baby up for adoption. You Baptists are real make me sick; I hope all of you involved get what’s coming to you.

    Trinity Baptist Church
    80 Clinton Street
    Concord, NH 03301-2287