Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Jesus Cookie

It is our mission to bring people to His table, one cookie at a time. It has been our personal experience that people are very receptive to something as innocent as a cookie and a cup of tea as a nice, easy way to enter into dialogue about Jesus Christ.

Our cookie came about to fill a need for a simple and non-threatening way to share Jesus with people who need Him.
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Coconut represents the straw in baby Jesus' bed
Spices represent the gifts from the wise men
Sugar represents his sweet presence
Red jellybeans represent Christ's blood

Only $16 per 3 Dozen Cookies...tell them Religious Douchebags sent you.


  1. Most of the people I know would listen quietly, if apprehensively, until the hostess got to "jellybeans represent blood" - then there'd be a sudden grab for the napkin.

  2. Yes, or a sudden grab for the door.

    And then theres the green jellybeans, which supposedly represent "God's jealousy"...Yum!