Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Andres Bisonni Wants To Touch You

Andres Bisonni uses his twitchy fingers, gullibility and bad christian music to heal people.


  1. your a loser
    actually go to his revival, i dare you.

  2. I went to high school with Andres in Houston area. I could not have imagined that he would choose this career/calling for himself. He was a regular kid: a star soccer player and a really fun person to hang around with. I know he went to Baylor to study pre-med, but I think he never finished. After that our common friend let me know what he was up to.

  3. Joe Smith,

    You are ignorant in spiritual things

  4. Dear Joe,

    I was a skeptic of Healers from watching prideful "spiritual" healers on T.V. who use "showboating" tactics -- as I saw them. Then I read an autobiography by Agnes Sanford. She was a healer and described what happened in her hands. Heat. And also a "twitchy" (as you call it) reaction to the amazing power of a type of electricity (power of the Holy Spirit) on the nerves in a healer's hands.

    I began to hear other stories from people who had been healed of various ailments by the power of the Holy Spirit through healers.
    But how would I check this out for myself?

    So I decided to go see Andres Bisonni during one of his healing/miracle crusades, from a journalistic viewpoint -- to see for myself and take notes. Doubting Thomas who has to see the nail holes. The lady sitting next to me who was also a healer said, "There goes his hand." I said, "What is that?" And she replied, "My hand does that too when the power of the Holy Spirit pours out ready to heal."

    When the power of the Holy Spirit touches you through the hands of Andres, you'll fall like a mighty oak. But you have to check it out for yourself. Anyone can sit in an easy chair and type vitriol on the internet name calling. It takes an honorable man to check out the facts.

    To test this, you have to be willing to actually do the research. Go. Hear. Open your heart to believe what you will witness with your own eyes. It's the closed minded who continue to live in darkness. Yes, there are scammers in ministry just like there are bad apples in every bunch -- business, all places. There are people who use the ministry to harm children and scam the elderly. It's inevitable because that's how the devil operates. But you can't just spout off about what you don't know, what you haven't researched or where you haven't done you homework.

    Ask yourself, "Why would a smart guy drop out of medical school after just being accepted?" Doesn't make sense. He had to have had some type of higher calling. Most do not understand this. At one time I didn't. Until I started doing the research after a supernatural encounter with God I hadn't asked for.

    When you hear Andres speak, ask God to pour his Holy Spirit down on you. You have to ask. And if you don't ask, you may never know -- and you'll never experience that incredible power running through your body. And once you've experienced that higher power, you'll never turn back. You will thirst like a dying man for the living water. Maybe that's what you're afraid of -- for then you'll have to change your blog and you'll become a different person. Change your circle of friends because they will not understand what's come over you.

    I dare you to ask. I dare you to go hear Andres Bisonni and allow the Holy Spirit to touch you through this incredibly anointed man of God. Stick around through the entire service. Take notes. Allow him to pray for you and touch you. It will be a wild ride.

    Report back to us. But only after having done the research.

    1. a wonderful message, genuinely moved and filled by the Holy Spirit.. and a good challenge to others, not in anger but in love..

  5. Mr. Smith you are blind; Check Andres VIDEOS well and you will see that lots of time the SPIRIT OF GOD touch people and people fall down even when our dear brother/ servant Andres is FAR AWAY! this PROOF the God had called ANDRES TO PREACH/TAKE the GOSPEL to all nations for the GLORY OF JESUS!

  6. Do NOT mess with the Lord's anointed! Be Careful how you speak against a man of God

  7. Pray that God ALMIGHTY touch your life before it's too late,for is real.HolySpirit power is likened to a life electric cable and when encountered;no sickness or whatever not of God can withstand it.Get close to God ye critic!

  8. What I think, Joe Smith, is that you really wish this was all real - that God was real. That there was a tangible presence of God you could feel. That there was Someone who loved you inside and out and would make himself known to you. Someone to tell you that you are loved and unique in His eyes. Someone to validate your pain. But instead you go about this by writing silly things about someone like Bisonni based on....what? I pray that you are touched like I was - not by any fallible man or ministry, but by a Mighty God. Personally and up close. God has erased the doubts of skeptics way more skilled in skepticism than you. Go ahead. Ask Him to show Himself. Then come back and write to us.


  10. Find out what is meant by "Kundalini spirit". Then watch videos with Andres Bisonni. You will see people manifesting Kundalini spirit. And it’s coming from Andres Bisonni, a handsome, beautiful "angel of light" (WOLF in sheep’s skin).

    "The Kundalini Spirit has Invaded the Church Masquerading as The Holy Spirit !!! BE VIGILANT!", this is the title of a video. There is lots more information about this demonic, hindu spirit.

    Involuntary jerky movements are a sign of KUNDALINI SPIRIT. It's a false 'holy' spirit. It even produces miracles and healings. And fusions of LOVE, power, energy and emotions. It's the Hindu version of the holy spirit, and it's not holy. DON'T LET THEM LAY HANDS ON YOU!!!

    The Last Days will be a time of "seducing spirits," false prophets, 'lying signs and wonders,' and a time that we always need to watch for "ANGELS OF LIGHT" masquerading as the real thing.

    Being 'slain in the spirit' (falling over backwards) is nowhere mentioned in the Bible. It happens when demonic powers (or hypnosis and auto suggestion) are used.

    1. I am always amazed at how gullible people can be.

    2. I must have awoken my kundalini spirit while I consecrated myself to God for two whole weeks doing nothing but worshipping, keeping my heart pure and focusing on Him. Don't speak about things you don't understand as though you understood it. Just because some things look the same doesn't mean they are. Ask Moses.

    3. Yes...i too must of come under a demonic spirit after the electricity n shaking came upon me....funny kundalin spirit only allowed me to speak the name of jesus for 2 days and the opened the living word to me where i saturated myself 6-8 hours a day over the next 3 years...then kundalin allowes me to share the gospel of salvation n deliverance n freedom-- from pharisitical religious types.....gee that kundalini is messed up? Ud think it wod have had me reading new age books etc

  11. Andres Bissoni is not a Man of God. He is the man of the devil who breathe demons into unsuspecting people to ruin their lives.

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