Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pastor Hired Son To Kill Wife

Texas: A love triangle was mentioned in court as a possible motive for a pastor, his son and a woman described as the pastor's mistress being accused in connection with the shooting death of the pastor's wife.

Rev. Tracy Burleson, 44, and his son, Darnell Fuller, 20, were charged with murdering Pauletta Burleson, 56, at the pastor's home on on May 18. Both men were also having romantic relationships with the same woman, Pauletta Ross Burleson, 56, who is accused of trying to burn the murder weapon, according to detectives and court documents.

Pauletta Burleson was shot in the head.

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About a week before the slaying, on May 12, Burleson's church, the First New Mount Calvary Baptist Church, was destroyed by fire. The cause remains under investigation.