Friday, June 25, 2010

Rabbi Confesses To $1.5M Money Laundering Scam

New Jersey: A Monmouth County rabbi arrested in last year’s massive FBI sting pleaded guilty today to laundering up to $1.5 million of what he believed were criminal proceeds.

Eliahu Ben Haim told a federal judge in Trenton he used his religious charity to launder checks for a government informant who claimed the money came from insurance scams, bank frauds and the sale of knock-off hand bags.

The 59-year-old rabbi was arrested in last year’s epic money-laundering and bribery sting that ensnared 46 people. They included five rabbis, three mayors, two assemblymen and one man accused of conspiring to sell a human kidney.

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The judge scheduled Ben Haim's sentencing for Sept. 30. He faces up to seven years in prison under the terms of his deal with prosecutors.

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  1. I don't think human kidneys are kosher. I could be wrong....