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Janice Crouse On Girly Men, Hell And Obama

22 Days Left

Judgment day is May 21, 2011. The bible guarantees it.

Have you made plans for after the rapture pet care? Who will take care of your pets when you're gone?

The Third Eagle Of The Apocalypse Is Back

and as fabulous as ever!

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Chrisagis Brothers

The Chrisagis Brothers sing "American Man", one of their many patriotic songs. The Brothers are being booked all over the United States for all the Tea Party Gatherings. This song has become an anthem for this country to return to it's morals, values and integrity with God in the center of it all.

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Obama's Great American Roundup

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Miracles For Sale - Faith Healing

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Gifts Of The Spirit Ministry

Pastor Soulja Gets Five Years To Life

Utah: A former Roy pastor who admitted to having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl in his congregation was sentenced to prison Wednesday.

Aaron 'Soulja' Witcher, 38, was ordered to serve two terms of five years to life in prison for two counts of rape, a first-degree felony, by 2nd District Judge Ernie Jones. The sentences are to be served concurrently.

Read More: Aaron Witcher

Witcher, who met the then 15-year-old girl while working as the youth ministries leader at the Genesis Project in Ogden, was originally charged with eight counts of rape. The six additional counts were dismissed in exchange for the man's guilty plea.

Pastor Charged With Sexual Battery

North Carolina: A Baptist minister from Harnett County has been charged with sexual misconduct. Benson police arrested 74-year-old Paul Burke Johnson last week on four counts of misdemeanor sexual battery.

Benson police reported that Johnson, a minister who visits patients at a Benson nursing home, had several encounters with a 64-year-old woman who has a diminished mental capacity.

According to a statement released by Liberty Commons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, a nurse at the facility noticed Johnson engaged in "inappropriate conduct" toward a resident in the facility.

Read More: Paul Burke Johnson

Johnson is pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Dunn and is a member of the board of ministers at Campbell University Divinity School.

Pastor Charged With Seven Felony Counts

Oklahoma: A former pastor at a Tulsa church was booked into the Tulsa County jail Thursday afternoon following his arrest on 7 charges of child sexual abuse.

Court records show Vincent Brookfield is accused of sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl between April 2, 2003 and April 2, 2004 and the same female when she was between the ages of 11 and 14 from April 2, 2007 to November 29, 2010.

Read More: Vincent Brookfield

An Internet search shows Vincent Brookfield was the pastor of Evangelism and Outreach at the New Hope Baptist Church in Tulsa. The church's website shows he is no longer employed at the church.

Church Members Charged With Child Abuse

Wisconsin: Members of a Dane County church have been charged with child abuse. Police allege the members, believing they were following Biblical instructions, spanked and sometimes bruised children as young as two months old using wooden rods or spoons.

Pastor Philip Caminiti, 53, is charged in Dane County Circuit Court with eight felony counts of conspiracy to commit child abuse, and his brother, John Caminiti, is charged with four felony counts of inflicting mental harm on a child and four felony counts of child abuse. Six other church members, including two of Philip Caminiti’s children and their spouses, also face child abuse charges.

Read More: Philip Caminiti

The children allegedly abused ranged in age from two months to six years. The pastor allegedly told investigators that a child became old enough for spanking using a rod at the age of 18 months.

Christians Protest Atheist Conference

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pastor Arrested For Alleged Sexual Torture, Child Abuse

Alabama: The former pastor of what was once a large church congregation in Oceanside was arrested on charges of sexual torture and child abuse, a police captain said.

Police in Montgomery, Ala., arrested Barry Albert Cook on Thursday. Cook, 47, was placed in the Montgomery County Detention Facility. He remained jailed Tuesday in lieu of $500,000 bail, according to online jail records.

The former pastor also had an outstanding warrant for domestic violence in the third degree.

Read More: Barry Albert Cook

Alabama television station WSFA reported that the victim was a boy younger than 12.

Pastor Accused Of Abusing A Child

New York: A bishop accused of sexually abusing a young boy who attended his church was back in court Tuesday. Joe Flowers Junior is charged with course of sexual conduct.

The pastor of the Walk of Life Christian Center is out of custody. Prosecutors say he molested an 11-year-old boy over a three year period.

Judge James Piampiano ruled on several motions today. He decided the evidence presented to the grand jury was legally sufficient. He also denied a request by the defense to lower bail.

Read More: Joe Flowers

Flowers' trial is scheduled for June 6.

Pastor Joe David Nelms Extradited To Face Charges

California: A Texas man accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl while he was a youth pastor at a San Clemente church more than 15 years ago was extradited Wednesday to Orange County, authorities said.

Joe David Nelms, 47, was booked into Orange County Jail to await trial on eight felony counts of lewd acts upon a child under 14, said Jim Amormino, a spokesman with the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Read More: Joe David Nelms

Prosecutors say Nelms, then 29, met the girl in 1993 while working as a youth pastor at Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente. Authorities allege that over a three year period he sexually assaulted the girl at the church and in a car.

Pastor Owen Davis Charged With Sexual Assault

Texas: Owen Deane Davis was behind bars Wednesday night when he was arrested by the Highland Village police on a Young County district court warrant. Davis, the former vicar at Faith Lutheran Church, was arrested on a warrant alleging he sexually assaulted a woman at his home.

Sheriff’s Office Investigator Capt. Tim Bay said the investigation into Davis, 63, began in September 2010 when the alleged victim told another preacher that she had been assaulted. The preacher contacted Bay, who began looking into the allegations.

Read More:  Owen Deane Davis

The woman was in the United States illegally when she was hired to work for Davis. He asked her to sign a confidentiality agreement that he later said was a contract requiring her to do anything — even sex.

Pastor Accused Of Molesting His Adopted Daughters

Planned Parenthood Levels The Playing Field

25 Days Left

Just a reminder, Judgment Day is coming. The bible guarantees it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Woman Used Box Cutter To Circumcise Son

Oregon: A woman accused of attempting to circumcise her baby at home using a box cutter and a pair of pliers faces assault and criminal mistreatment charges.

Keemonta Peterson, 29, of Portland, told police she decided to circumcise her baby at home after reading the Bible. She said she watched some YouTube videos about circumcisions before making the attempt.

After the 3-month-old boy suffered two hours of uncontrolled bleeding, she called 911 and the baby was rushed to a hospital where he was initially listed in critical condition.

Read More: Keemonta Peterson

According to the prosecutor, a doctor described the baby's condition upon arrival at the hospital as life-threatening, and the pain as immense.

Pastor Arrested On Child Rape Charges

Washington: Kitsap County Sheriff’s detectives arrested Dirk Jackson, a 32-year-old pastor, on two counts of second-degree child rape. He was booked into the Kitsap County Jail and his bail was set at $250,000.

Jackson is currently serving as the pastor of discipleship and evangelism for the First Baptist Church on Sidney Avenue, but the allegations stem from a previous job.

Read More: Dirk Jackson

Deputies believe he raped a 12- or 13-year-old female between 2002 and 2003 at Manchester Christian Academy, where he worked as a teacher and she was a student.

Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges

Maryland: Detectives with the Wicomico County Child Advocacy Center have arrested the pastor of a Fruitland church accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl on two separate occasions.

Forty-eight-year-old Tonto Sylvester Corbin Sr. of Salisbury was arrested March 5 on two counts of sex abuse of a minor, two counts each of third- and fourth-degree sex offenses, as well as second-degree assault.

Corbin is the pastor of Jesus Saves House of Prayer and Refuge. According to investigators, on Sept. 1 and Nov. 25 of last year, Corbin allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old girl who attended Corbin's church.

Read More: Tonto Sylvester Corbin Sr

Corbin is a registered sex offender in both Maryland and Wicomico County. According to the sex offender registry, Corbin was convicted of second-degree rape in 2003. Court records also reveal that Corbin served time in prison following an involuntary manslaughter conviction in August 2005.

Time For A Teahad

Rep. Phil Gingrey's Covenant With America

Father Alejandro Castillo Charged With Child Molestation

California: An Ontario priest, accused of having sex with a 12-year-old boy, is expected to be arraigned later this month.

Tuesday at a preliminary hearing, a San Bernardino County judge ruled that there is enough evidence for Rev. Alejandro Jose Castillo to go to trial. He is charged with seven felony counts.

Prosecutors said Castillo was a pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Ontario when he molested the boy in 2008, but has been removed.

Read More: Alejandro Jose Castillo

Parishioners affiliated with the group, "Coalition to Exonerate Fr. Alex" raised $24,000 to bail Castillo out of jail. His arraignment is set for April 28.

Pastor Charged With Possession Of Child Porn

Mississippi: A Hernando pastor arrested for possessing child porn was also a Shelby County Emergency Services volunteer.

63-year old Eddie Prince of Hernando was arrested Friday and dismissed. Prince is also a minister at Oak Grove Baptist Church.

Read More: Eddie Prince

He's accused of using a computer at the public library to view and download child pornography.

Pastor Paid Two Men $1300 To Kill His Wife

Texas:  A murder-for-hire plot is unravelling in a small south Texas town after a pastor and one of his parishioners have been arrested for the murder of his wife this weekend.

Pastor Julio Cesar Perez is suspected of recruiting men from within his own community church to gun down his wife. Pastor Perez, 40, and 20-year-old Gabriel Apolinar Escalante were arrested on Saturday night following the discovery of her body.

Earlier today police also arrested Daniel Lopez, 37, who is suspected to be the 'trigger man' in the slaying. He will be charged with capital murder.

Read More: Julio Cesar Perez

Julio Cesar Perez leads the Ministerios Manantial de Vida near San Benito, Texas, which sits 20 miles northwest of the city of Brownsville, Texas. Sonia Perez, who was 39 at the time of her death, was a third-grade teacher in Rio Hondo, Texas.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vicar Jailed For Scalding And Stabbing Homeless Man

U.K. A vicar who poured boiling water over a homeless man before stabbing him after he took shelter outside his church, has been jailed.

Reverend Friday Archy, 51, screamed at his victim: 'I told you to go, if you stay here you will die,' before plunging the knife into his neck, armpit and chest.

The holyman claimed the injuries to Ben Donetus were karma for being a sinning homeless person.

Read More:  Reverend Friday Archy

Rev Archy was jailed for seven years after being found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent following a trial at Inner London Crown Court.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pastor Arrested On Rape And Abuse Charges

Oklahoma: Tommy Pitts, the pastor at the Midway Assembly of God Church, was arrested on April 1 on a slew of rape and sex abuse charges against three children.

Police said Pitts was arrested on 15 counts of first-degree rape, 15 counts of rape by instrumentation, 20 counts of lewd or indecent acts with children under 16 and 20 counts of forcible sodomy. He is on suicide watch, police said.

Investigators said the abuse went on for months.

Read More: Tommy Pitts

The sheriff said Pitts tried unsuccessfully to shoot himself then crashed his vehicle into a semi in traffic.

Evangelical Teabagger Propaganda

Some fine Teabagger propaganda courtesy of Christian Nightmares

And in related news, 46% of Mississippi Republicans think interracial marriage should be illegal.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More 'God Hates You' B.S.

Cindy Jacobs once again tries to use a horrible event to push her agenda and draw attention to herself.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jim Garlow Compares Gay Marriage And Slavery

Jim Garlow, the head pastor of Skyline Church, explains how African Americans saved us by voting against gay marriage.

Angie Ray Says 'You Nasty'

Afghans Protest Quran Burning

Afghanistan: Afghan protests over the burning of a Quran in Florida continued Sunday for a third day, with three more people killed.

That brought to 24 the number of people killed in Afghanistan since Friday, when a mob overran United Nations offices in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, killing seven United Nations international staff members.

The police fired into crowds Saturday, killing 9 people and wounding 81, all by gunshots, but were more restrained on Sunday, as representatives of the protesters met with government officials in an effort to defuse the violence.

Still, 40 more people were wounded and 2 more killed Sunday in the confrontations between the police and protesters. Two policemen were killed over the two days here, apparently because some of the protesters were armed and shot back at them.

Read More: Afghans Protest

TheQuran was burned at a Gainesville, Fla., church on March 20 under the supervision of Terry Jones, a nondenominational evangelical pastor.

Pastor Terry Jones Burns Quran

Florida: The controversial Gainesville pastor, who threatened to publicly burn a Quran on the anniversary of 911 last year, has gone through with it.

 However, his latest stunt received very little publicity. On the Dove World Outreach Center website Pastor Jones announced a trial date."International judge the Quran day. Yes. We are going to do it," Jones said.

"The Quran, if found guilty, can be burned," said Jones. And after six hours of testimony in front of 30 spectators and a crew from an Orlando film school, it was burned.

Read More: Pastor Terry Jones

Following the stunt, "basically all" of Jones' parishioners have left his church and he has received more than 300 death threats.