Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pastor Arrested For Alleged Sexual Torture, Child Abuse

Alabama: The former pastor of what was once a large church congregation in Oceanside was arrested on charges of sexual torture and child abuse, a police captain said.

Police in Montgomery, Ala., arrested Barry Albert Cook on Thursday. Cook, 47, was placed in the Montgomery County Detention Facility. He remained jailed Tuesday in lieu of $500,000 bail, according to online jail records.

The former pastor also had an outstanding warrant for domestic violence in the third degree.

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Alabama television station WSFA reported that the victim was a boy younger than 12.


  1. There comes a time where your sin will find out out. And that what is hidden shall be exposed by the light. Dr. Barry Cook is just one of many pastors that have had personal and public scandal that had touch the lives of many. Barry ran with a group of pastors that were all involved in illicit activities. He was connected to George Aja who was accused in the murder of Rhoda McFarland in the Lane Bryant murders in Feb 2008. George is also being investigated by the IRS for financial discrepancies today as well. Barry was also connected to Rick Hawkins who had his own sexual and financial scandals. And there are many more that were connected to this circle of men. Big names. These men would "cover" one another and had secret lives that included girlfriends, strippers, prostitutes, drugs, and financial discrepancies. I know this first had because I was a personal/administrative assistant to one of these pastors and I saw it all with my own eyes so this is not a hearsay accusation. These men would take vacations together paid by church funds and have a week full of sex and drugs all paid by church finance. And that's just the tip of the iceberg because there a whole web of lies and deception. As for Barry Cook...I have seen for myself his illicit activity. And I have seen these men one by one be exposed and more will follow....

    1. I've noticed everyone has posted the "alleged" activities, but there has been no follow up. I personally will not believe any allegation that is not proven...and even then, I know people have been incarcerated for life and even condemned to death for something they didn't do. I'm sure those of you publishing these allegations have issues you'd rather not have published. But to make you feel better about yourself, you have to point fingers at other people. Pharisees.

  2. Please check your facts on this matter. The information is false.

  3. Nice answer, George. You know what you did. AND YOU KNOW IT IS TRUE! Karma is a bitch and so is trying to reinvent yourself while having your child's arrest mug shot for drug charges all over the internet. Nice job Dad, having your child sell weed for you. You are a great example.

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  5. This is lane bryant killer. Used black face paint. Confused the witness.