Friday, April 8, 2011

Evangelical Teabagger Propaganda

Some fine Teabagger propaganda courtesy of Christian Nightmares

And in related news, 46% of Mississippi Republicans think interracial marriage should be illegal.


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    "That was the point where I think observers of this like myself said, 'Well, let's just see how Jimmy reacts to this one,' " said Ken Smukler, one of the few Philadelphia political strategists not working on one side or the other in a debate that gripped the city for months. "What funny disney shirts you saw after that was a very muted administration. They weren't lashing out.".

    Monckton added, "It was like therapy, what she was doing. I was around at that time. It was very wrong of him to ask all those leading questions and it was naive of her to have agreed to do it, but nonetheless it was like a therapy and therapy should remain private.".

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