Thursday, September 2, 2010

Psychic Gets 18 Months For Theft

Florida: A professed Gypsy psychic who swindled people out of more than $500,000 — promising to rid the money of demons — will spend 18 months in prison.

Gina Marie Marks, 37, was already serving 18 months of probation for similar charges when she was arrested in October. On Wednesday, Marks pleaded guilty to grand theft and two counts of organized fraud, and admitted to violating her probation. She also handed over a $400,000 check to partially repay her victims.

In May 2009, Marks pleaded no contest to grand theft, repaid $54,000 and was sentenced to 18 months probation for telling five clients to give her cash that she would return after she cleansed it of demons. The money was never returned.

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She told a client that an ex-boyfriend's new lover had placed a curse on the client. One way to lift the curse was to give Marks more than $30,000. Marks also duped a Coconut Grove woman into giving her thousands of dollars in gift cards, which would prevent the woman's father from suffering a fatal heart attack.


  1. Gina Marie Marks’ conviction serves as a warning to fraudulent psychic gypsy fortunetellers and police and prosecutors in South Florida, that while many victims can be “CONvinced” into accepting partial restitution in lieu of an arrest and/or prosecution, there are victims, who have the courage to take the moral high road and demand that these heartless “con artists” be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It should also serve as a warning that there are investigators (such as private investigator Bob Nygaard, who successfully built the criminal cases against Marks that led to her convictions) who do take these types of crimes seriously and who have the wherewithal, experience, and fortitude to help the victims of such crimes negotiate their way through a criminal justice system that has traditionally failed them.

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  3. I was the victim of a gypsy scam. She went by the name Scarlett Evans. Her real name was Sharon Scarlett Demetro of Cherry Hill, NJ. She is also a resident of Florida and 21 years old. She approached me at the Cherry Hill Mall and did a reading on me. It was very accurate. She then proceeded to tell me that there was negative energy on me which was the reason why I was single and that she could cleanse me of it with a crystal witch ball that I was to bring home with me for ten days. I brought the ball home with me. Thats when I started to get attacked by a demon. She then exhorted money and possessions from me to rid me of the demon and disappeared to Florida. I found out that she did witchcraft on me. Its been two years and I am possessed. I am living in torment everyday and can no longer believe in Jesus as I'm being mind controlled. I've lost all human emotions and feelings and have been through Catholic exorcism many times. My life is over. Without faith in the Lord there is no hope for someone in my situation. You can not imagine the hell I live in everyday. Let this be a warning for anyone that is thinking of going to a psychic. You just never know who you are going to get. This girl was pure evil.

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