Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Stats On Pedophile Priests

From our friends @ City Of Angels

The number of pedophile priests found so far in the U.S. Catholic Church is "extrapolated" to be as high as 10,969 according to Bishop Accountability.org, and they are still counting.

The numbers get higher internationally as courts order release of documents in American and European dioceses. "The percentage of paedophile priests is 20 to 200 times higher than the incidence found in the secular population," according to a report by Vania Lucia Gaito.

The U.S. bishops have reported receiving allegations of abuse by 5,768 priests in 1950-2009, or 5.3% of the 109,694 U.S. priests active since 1950.
 Read the updated numbers at Bishop Accountability.


  1. Actually, the percentage that Bishop Accountability gives is 5.3% - Outrageous that there is any percentage. However, your message will have a lot more credibility if the data you present is accurate.

  2. The 10% came from a quote by the founder of Bishop Accountability, but yes, you are correct, their official number is 5.3%. The post has been updated accordingly.