Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pastor Steven Rowe Arrested For Molestation

Georgia: A Coffee County pastor and former Christian school headmaster is in jail charged with child molestation.

Sheriff's investigators say 50-year-old Steven Rowe admitted he abused at least four victims while he led Faith Christian Academy and First Community Church in Douglas.

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Investigators say the crimes were likely committed sometime between 2005 and 2008 and parents were asked to talk with their kids to find out if there could be more victims who haven't come forward.


  1. This man is not a douchbag he is a man that has lost his way . We must pray for him that he finds his way back to his first love.I do not agree with anything that he has done. We must becare full when judge others lest we also be tempted.I am not defened what he has done by no means.I know this man personaly when this came out it was very shocking had no idea but then I felt lik I heard the lord say that we need to return back to the fear of the lord that he is not going to allow us to hide away in secret sin that he loves us and the church to much to allow us to keep going in a direction the is destuctive for our lives and others . He allow in things to be exposed that he may bring correction and healing. We also must ask ourselves have we drefted away from the lord are was As close to him as we used to be. When we get to busy and get out of his word we all can err. It is important he we seek him daily and find that that place with him that we may draw strength. the waord says that flesh is weak but he spirit willing. Time in prayer helps build our inner man. That we may have the strenth to say no the things that might tempt us this is a wake up call to the church. We must look first at ourselves to check our own hearts. I also hurt for the familes that this has happen to The hurt that they are feeling , may the find strength and peace in the lord. I also pray for steven because the wieght of the sin he has been caring. THERE IS NO PEACE WHEN WE ARE DOING WHAT WE KNOW WE SHOULD NOT DO THERE IS NO JOY..I pray for healing and restoration for all parties involved. I also myself has be a victum by another male in my family that I trusted The Lord had to take me through the process of healing and bringing me to the place that I could forgive my abuser so i personaly now the pain of the victums. May the lord pravial. We must remeber mercy. We may not would be tempted to so do this same act but we all have weakness We must ask the lord to help us in those places that we not also fall and rember love and forgivenss I know right now you may think how can someone ask to forgive someone of such an act but he bible says forgive . We must pray that our dear brother be restored.

  2. @Anonymous- it's a good thing you remain anonymous because you are so very far off base. You conflate this douchebag's actions with sin, not crime. Of course he can be made clean as the driven snow from sin and sit next to the throne as well as next to his victims in the hereafter. A crime, however, requires restitution in this vale of tears. He should be tried & if found guilty, be sent to prison.

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