Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pastor Found Guilty In Mortgage Scam

Florida: Pastor Rodney McGill was charged with taking $40,000 from a Palm Bay couple in 2008 while he was incarcerated. McGill asked the couple for $40,000 to allegedly refinance a church.

The money was deposited into the account of McGill’s stepdaughter; however, an analysis of the account showed a variety of payments over some six weeks to restaurants, court reporters, lawyers, Publix, bookstores and a pre-paid telephone calling card used at the Martin County Jail. There also were several ATM withdrawals and gas purchases that left a negative balance of $30.81

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It was the second time in just over a year a Martin County jury convicted the former leader of New Hope Outreach Center in Jensen Beach. In September 2009, McGill was found guilty of fraudulently obtaining some $1 million in mortgages and real estate loans. McGill was sentenced to 20 years in prison in that case.


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  2. Rodney, it is not right that you should spend your life in prison. Are you in touch with anyone that can help you?