Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pastor Accused Of Forcing Sex

Missisippi: A pastor who founded a Jackson church is accused in a lawsuit of coercing a young adult male church member into a sexual relationship while serving as his spiritual adviser and bishop.

The local lawsuit was filed against Kevin Joseph Boyd Sr., senior pastor of The Apostolic Church,  late last month. Boyd also operates a church in New Orleans.
The male church member sang in the choir and played drums, according to the lawsuit. At Boyd's request, he said he would go to the pastor's office on Sundays after church.

"Defendant Boyd would discuss the holy scripture to justify and support the sexual activity," the lawsuit says.

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The plaintiff alleges that the sexual relationship escalated from touching and occurred off church grounds, including at a local motel. The plaintiff's attorney, Winston Thompson, said his client's interaction with Boyd began at age 12 in New Orleans, where both were living. Both ended up in Jackson after Hurricane Katrina.


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