Thursday, December 30, 2010

NY Rabbi Accused Of Sexually Abusing Girls

New York: An unnamed rabbi and his son have fled to Israel after being accused of sexually molesting at least four underage female relatives.

At least two of the alleged victims are the rabbi's daughters, one of whom says her father has been molesting her since the age of five.

Two of the rabbi's other sons were arrested in New York and charged with the sexual abuse and rape of their sisters. One of the arrested sons, age 15, is accused of molesting his 8 year-old sister.

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Police note that the rabbi and the escaped son were driven to the airport by the rabbi's wife, who is his first cousin. The two have fourteen children and all names are being withheld to protect the victims.


  1. Unfortunately rape/incest is depressingly common in closed communities such as the Hasidic and Amish. The communities treat it as a family and/or church matter, but not a matter for the police, which of course allows the abuse to continue unchecked.

    This article is just one among many that details this type of abuse.

  2. Also, this Douchebag is a coward for fleeing the country instead of facing up to it.

    The idea that Israel would protect a rapist is unbelievable. I suggest that all diplomatic ties should be cut if this douchebag is not promptly extradited back to the US.