Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pastor Gets 90 Years In Prison For Soliciting Sex

Virginia: A Louisa County judge yesterday sentenced an 82-year-old former pastor to 90 years in prison for soliciting sex with a minor.

The sentence appears to be the second-longest prison term received by a Virginia defendant for using a communications device to solicit sex with a child.

Sentenced yesterday was Irvin "Pete" Baldwin of Mechanicsville. A jury found him guilty in August of three counts of soliciting sex with a minor and recommended 90 years -- 30 years for each count.

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Authorities allege that Baldwin communicated over the Internet with someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl but who actually was a Louisa investigator. Baldwin was arrested in December after traveling to Louisa to meet the girl.


  1. Just so you know....the man above is my father....and the news loves to sensationalize with big headlines...I do agree he was a douchebag, and had a long history of taking advantage of woman....but he has not been a pastor in a church for decades....he was a very successful businessman, but left the ministry in the 60's...maybe had he stayed more "religious" he would not have committed these sins.... I am not religious at all, but I believe in God....and forgiveness....make sure who you are casting stones at, they often ricochet right back at you.

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