Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Bentonville Pastor Arrested

Arkansas: This is the second time a local pastor has been arrested during one of the Bentonville Police department's undercover prostitution stings.

Back in August, Bentonville police arrested Thirty-seven-year-old pastor Joshua Wisdom during a sting at a local hotel.

Last night and this morning seven people were taken into custody on charges related to prostitution, loitering, and sexual solicitation. Included in those arrests is pastor Joe Burnham of Faith Lutheran Church in Bentonville.

Read More: Joe Burnham

Burnham was released on citation following his arrest.


  1. You obviously do not know this Man He will reach people where they are He is a Pastor as Jesus was remember Mary Magdalene ? He is in the business of winning souls so tell me how do you think its done the bible tells us to go to the Highways and the by ways and compel them to come in I resent your implication that this Man is not A Godly Man You might try taking a look at yourself and say what did i do for Jesus today
    Lynnette Davis

  2. No, we wasn't trying to win souls, he was just trying to get laid, which is actually less harmful in my opinion.


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