Friday, July 23, 2010

Priest Charged With Possession Of Child Porn

Wisconsin: The Diocese of La Crosse placed no restrictions on an Onalaska priest despite learning he had followed young boys into a water park bathroom last summer.

The Rev. Patrick Umberger now is accused of having child pornography after an investigation that traces back to the water park incident. Umberger, 59, also confessed to having anonymous sexual encounters with males and females, none of them minors, and having visited gay chat rooms.

Noah’s Ark Water Park employees reported seeing Umberger repeatedly follow boys into the bathroom near a children’s pool and was found standing next to a 10-year-old using a urinal. Park officials revoked Umberger’s season pass and placed him on a watch list.

Read More: Patrick Umberger

Umberger was arrested after agents discovered three sexually graphic photos of children on his computer. He then admitted that he had searched the Internet for images of 12- to 15-year-olds.


  1. I think it's time to tax religion, and maybe it's time to hold the upper crust of the religions accountable for the crap they sweep under the rug.

  2. I think I agree.

  3. I couldnt agree more. The tax exemption given to churches should no longer apply. The major religions have become multi-million dollar organizations and political forces.

  4. Tax the crap out of them. That'll fix the national debt really quick

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