Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pastor Forced Girls To Videotape Him Having Sex

New Jersey: Charges have been brought against a New Jersey pastor accused of forcing teenaged girls to videotape him and a woman from his congregation having sex.

Prosecutors say Moises Cotto, the pastor of Congregation of Yahweh in Newark, was forcing teenaged girls to videotape him having sex with his girlfriend at a Linden motel. Prosecutors say Cotto was having an affair with Brenda Pabon, a woman he had been counseling and frequently meeting at the Linden motel.
Read More: Moises Cotto
Investigators say on several occasions, Cotto forced two teenaged girls to videotape him and Pabon having sex at the Benedict Motel. He's also accused of taking nude photos with one teen and sexually assaulting another teen who resisted his demands.


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