Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Dangers Of Public Schools

Highlights of Truth in Action Ministries' "The Dumbing Down of America"


  1. Their logic is so flawed. My Father went to public school in Cleveland in the 1940's. Prayer was not allowed in school, it was the north. the Southerner's keep saying that the schools have become bad because the religion has gone out of it but it is not so. My Dad's time the schools were safe, crime low and they had no religion in their school. So they are just wrong. The times became violent. Back when there was a lot of religion in public schools was when the white students spit on the black ones who tried to enter-so the religion didn't help even then. Some pit on them in the name of religion-go back and look at some of the christian signs being held by the white students.

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  4. He used the word "dumber." How can anyone take that seriously???

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