Monday, August 23, 2010

Royal Purpose Ministries Little Christian Camps

Princess Prep School is a week-long event for girls ages four through those entering third grade. The girls are taught the true meaning of “princess” through puppet shows, live princess performances, hands-on lessons, crafts, music, sign language, Biblical truths, and manners to help them discover their royal purpose in Christ.

Princess Prep Promo New from on Vimeo.

Warrior Prince Academy is a week-long event for boys ages four through those entering third grade. Each day is centered on a particular aspect of the boys’ Royal Identity in Christ. To emphasize the theme of the day, the boys enjoy puppet shows, video interviews, interactive lessons, hands-on projects, and much more. Throughout the week they learn a Warrior’s Prayer, a Battle Cry, and about the full-armor of God.

Warrior Prince Academy from on Vimeo.


  1. This must be incredibly popular since it speaks directly to the American frame of mind: "it's all about me....I am special."

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