Thursday, January 13, 2011

Report Reveals Thousands Of Accusations

Netherlands: The Roman Catholic Church is still struggling to cope with the fallout of sex abuse scandals from Germany to the U.S., but it now faces a flood of damaging new allegations from the Netherlands.

According to a report from an independent commission, almost 2,000 Dutch people have reported being sexually and physically abused by priests when they were children -- a huge number for a country with only 4 million Catholics.

The church set up the investigative commission in March after scandals involving pedophile priests surfaced in neighboring Belgium and Germany. The panel published its interim report on Thursday -- its findings show that 1,975 people had come forward over the past year to lodge abuse allegations.

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This sudden flurry of accusations means that the Netherlands is ranked second only to Ireland for the number of alleged abuse cases involving the church, Reuters reported.

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