Thursday, January 28, 2010

And, The Winner Is...

The Religious Douchebags award for excellence in journalism goes to...

Alicia Colon for her ground breaking, non-meandering and completely unbiased article

With the Moon Missions Scrapped, Is Christianity Next in Obama’s Gunsights?

which so eloquently details the obvious connections between Obama, NASA, Christianity, gun sights, jihad, pandora, the ACLU and...wait...what were we talking about?

President Obama wants to nix NASA’s moon missions and instead intends to spend funding for space ventures beyond earth’s orbit. Perhaps to Avatar’s beautiful planet Pandora?

Now what would make the president stray so far from JFK’s vision of lunar supremacy? Perhaps he wasn’t that thrilled to learn what I just did about what occurred on the first moon landing. Buzz Aldrin confirmed that he took communion on the Moon.

It was upsetting enough for the president to deal with the alarming news that the government has been purchasing gun sights with Christian codes.

If its perfectly all right to use the sacred Koran as the rational to commit jihad, then wouldn’t that mean that a religious war is being waged against us?

There have been plenty of rumors floating around Barack Obama’s religious affiliations that suggest his Christian roots don’t run very deep.

When the ACLU and the other secular protesters start hammering CAIR and radical imams about their tax-free status with the IRS.